About Us

 Hartti Group is committed to bringing the best products to the hot water industry to help people meet their shower needs. Our story begins with a passion for providing people with comfortable and advanced home appliances.

Our goal is to make the smart home experience more accessible by providing affordable high-tech products. Our vision is to offer exceptional products and services to the community because we believe that the family has a special place in everyone's life. With our best marketing strategies and efforts, Hartti Group LLC will continue to grow into a company that extends a helping hand to every customer. We are always looking for newer and more effective ways to keep our customers comfortable, healthy, and productive. 

The company will be driven by scientific research and innovation and continuously improve the core competitiveness. We have been unswervingly committed to the research and development of high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection gas heating equipment. We have made outstanding contributions to the development of global heating technology. We always adhere to technological innovation to improve the quality of products and services, contribute to the quality of human life, and make human life more comfortable, easier, and better.