About Us

Hartti Group LLC was committed to bring the best product in water heating industry, helping people fulfill their need at shower.

Our story begins with our founder, Ms Angela, who are passionate to provide  comfortable and advanced home appliances for people. We aim to drive greater access to smart home experience to people, by providing affordable and high-tech products. Our vision is to present staggering products and services to communities as we embrace the concept that home holds a special place in everyone else's life.

With our best marketing strategy and efforts, Hartti Group LLC will continue to grow as a company that reaches out to every customer with our helping hands.

We’ve absolutely committed to finding newer and more efficient ways to keep our customers comfortable, healthy and productive.

Our company will closely follow the historical opportunity of China's transformation from a country of home appliances to a country of home appliances. With scientific research and innovation as the engine, our company will continue to enhance the core competitiveness.

We always adhere to technological innovation to improve product quality and service, contributing to the quality of human life and promoting human life more comfortably, easier, and better.