How to Choose the Right Electrical Water Heater for you?

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Step 1:

Find out the base water temperature in your city!


Step 2

Check the current voltage in your house, 220 Volts or 240 Volts.

檢查好你家中的電壓數, 是220V或是240V.

Step 3

the necessary flow rate based on hot water usage

  • Sink faucet—0.5 - 1 gpm
  • kitchen faucet—1 - 1.5 gpm
  • Shower—2.5 - 3 gpm

You can determine your model based on the following chart!

(The following chart is an example. If you are still are unsure your model need feel free to contact us.)


  • 廁所水龍頭—0.5 - 1 加倫每分鐘
  • 廚房水龍頭—1 - 1.5 加倫每分鐘
  • 沐浴花灑—2.5 - 3 加倫每分鐘



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